Theodore Wiersema

Personal Projects

Simple Table React Component

January 2022 Typescript ReactJS HTML/CSS A table component for your React JS project that allows for column sorting and searching. Visit Demo Github Repository

Pseudo-intelligent Text Generator

December 2021 Javascript ReactJS HTML/CSS Uses predictive Markov models to “predict” text from various input sources such as the Jabberwocky poem, the book of Job, and the full text of Hamlet. Visit Site Github Repository

Book Search

November 2021 Fetch API Javascript ReactJS HTML/CSS Search for books using ReactJS and the Google Books API. Visit Site Github Repository

Task App

October 2020 MongoDB Typescript ReactJS HTML/CSS To-do application with personalized user accounts. Visit Site Github Repository

Task App Using Local Storage

2018 Javascript HTML/CSS A to-do application utilizing local storage to save task data. Visit Site



2016 → Current Technical Services Engineer


Summer 2015 Engineering Intern


Bradley University

2012 → 2016 Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering